Apotheosis (Eldre’thalas)

Who we are

Apotheosis is a previous mythic raiding guild, that has evolved into a one-night a week heroic raiding guild.
Despite the fact we are not a mythic raiding guild, we are still very structured in our raid environment & maintain a friendly community based atmosphere.


While our philosophy here is “no titles, no frills” this is the only spot you will see this outlined.

  • Guild Master: Merkavah
  • Raid & Community Leaders: Copenhagen, Kona
  • Officers: Uthillon, Kohn, Smmoke

Between all of us, there is many many years of mythic & heroic raid leadership, and more years of community leadership.

Stuff n’ Things

While its nice and all about the leadership, we are guessing you are mostly interested in what we have to offer.
During this expansion (Battle for Azeroth) these are group activities

  • Raid (See raid page for times/dates) Community Based
  • Moar-Dots | Nab |(Mythic+, Monday)
  • New World Order |Copen |(Mythic+, Wednesdays)
  • Breakfast Club |Kona | (Misc, Saturday)
  • Mimosa Party | Kona |(Mythic+, Saturday)
  • You No Take Candle | Uth |(Mythic+, Monday)

Granted, you won’t see these groups recruiting, this is to show we have lots of things happening & can get you involved.

How to Join

With the way guilds & communities have evolved, we do not have a forum based community.
We have a discord based community.
Join Here: http://discord.gg/aYaaNJQ
Once you join Discord, you will only see one channel #Information
Follow the instructions here to become a member & get involved! Don’t be shy, because we sure are not.