Guides & Helpful Items

Addons (General

Useful for exporting your gear & current config for Raidbots Sims

Addons (Mythic+)

Method Dungeon Tools
Useful for pre-planning routes with mythic+

Addons (Raid)

Deadly Boss Mods (Required)
Warnings & Boss timers. DBM Pull timers are helpful for pre-pots



How to use

Discord Raidbots

Raidbots (Discord Bot) Requires SimulationCraft Addon

Simple Commands

Help Command (!raidbots -h)
Quick Sim (!raidbots us/eldrethalas/kona -s)
Stat Weights (!raidbots us/eldrethalas/kona -s -fs HecticAddCleave)


You can add any of these modifiers to the simple commands above. It will sim your current gear you last logged out in, and if doing a compare it will compare the items/talents to what you have as well

-fs Fight Style
-fs HecticAddCleave or Patchwerk or DungeonSlice

-ct Compare Talent
-ct 2312132 -ct 2312122

-ci Compare Item (Simc strings for gear is really handy for new pieces)
-ci trinket1=harlans_loaded_dice,id=155881,bonus_id=1627/6513

Note, trinket1 in this command is telling which trinket slot you are looking to replace. Same is true for rings.