Community Policy

Apotheosis is a fun and well versed community. We take respect seriously in this guild, so please do not break this #1 rule and be polite to all.

1) Be respectful of others. Be polite and considerate of guild-mates and community members. You represent the guild, show others through your behavior that the Apotheosis Community is full of good people. Be proud to be part of this community and what it is like. (Basically don’t be a jerk)

This rule also includes Trade/General chat as well as any Pug groups and Guild chat. Things like trolling in trade chat will not be tolerated. While the use of moderate profanity is fine, there should be no comments or jokes that target a minority group.
Examples of unacceptable behavior include (but are not limited to): racial slurs, use of stereotypes or insults used against a social or religious minority. The casual use of the word “rape” is also not tolerated. This also includes the word “gay” in the pejorative. If you do not agree with this policy, we are not the community or guild for you.

2) Raid Lockouts! While we don’t really mind what you do with your “downtime” if you are part of one of our raids. The only thing we ask is that you save your current content raid “lockouts” for our raids. The reason for this is, if you participate in a heroic raid on Tuesday that is not ours, but you are participating in one of our raids on Thursday for the same content on heroic. The loot table is smart enough to scale down the amount of drops the Thursday raid gets, in turn potentially hurting the community raid prospects. We don’t mind if you raid on an alt, and we understand that there will be some weeks where you may get locked out, or are helping or helping our another group and you’ve already cleared the content. Just don’t make it a habitual thing.

3) Other people using your characters. Even though it’s against the game’s Terms of Service, we don’t particularly care if you let someone access your character. If you want to take that kind of risk, fine, that’s your call. But under NO circumstances are you to allow anyone apart from yourself to use your character in a raid situation.