Apotheosis Raid Loot Rules

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Apotheosis Raid Loot Rules

Post by Kona » Fri Jul 20, 2018 9:48 pm

Apotheosis - Battle for Azeroth Raid Loot Rules

With the change of loot rules this expansion, we are posting our loot rules going forward.
We all know its tempting to:
  • Ushering a piece of gear to a friend on the down low.
  • Hitting up people for gear they got (just incase they didn't need it of course).
  • OMG that piece is 5 item levels above my offspecs gear! #NEEDALLTHETHINGS
    • This is for people who roll need on EVERYTHING they can get.
As a community, we are asking you NOT to do these things.
Doing any of these, creates drama, guild cliques, divides the raid & creates a less stable morale.

Loot rules are as follows
The person with who loots the item, has complete authority of whether they want the item or not. This includes if the item is not for their "main" spec.
If the person doesn't need/want the item, it will go up for a roll in the raid.
Main spec will roll first. If no one needs it, then we will do another roll for off spec.
Ultimately: Looting Person > Main Spec Roll > Off Spec Roll > Transmog

We are all adults, so please don't make us put you in a time out.....