Raid Info & Loot Policies

When Do We Raid

We raid the standard Tuesday @ 5pm pst / 7pm cst / 8pm est
If you are in Arizona, good luck figuring out the time
(Here’s a world clock website

How to Join

If you’ve gotten to “how to join the raid group” & haven’t joined the community yet, please back-peddle a little to join the community first.
Once you are in the community, you simply ask in our discord or let an officer know.

New Members
(Fresh Meat)

We always welcome new members to the raid. With that being said, here’s a short version of how our raid works.
We expect all members to show up to raid with enchanted / gemmed gear, have some stat food & flasks.

Initiate Period
(2 Weeks)

We have a 2 week mandatory Initiate period. During these 2 weeks we will evaluate how you perform.
While you are in this stage, you are considered part of the “Farm” team for loot rules & possibly stepping out.

Our metrics are simple as we look at:

  • Are you solidly tanking the floor? (Are you dead)
  • Are you doing mechanics?
  • How’s your performance? Overall / ilvl parses & overall dps
  • Are you reliable (attendance / performance)?

At the end of your 2 week initiate period, you will end up on either the Farm or Core.

Farm Team

This is a more casual part of raid. You will be in for content each week, even with new progression raids.

Our standard practice is we start every raid with everyone, go through as much content as possible. Once we hit a wall of either progression / struggling due to numbers (dps / healing / raid dynamics), we ask the farm team & initiates to step out.

If you are on the farm team & looking to make it to the core team, please let us know. Same judgement metrics as listed above, and we can always help improve rotations, gear, & understanding of classes if needed. We cannot help if you don’t reach out to ask though.

Core Team

Congrats, you’ve made core!
You are not out of hot water yet though.
While it is hard to be moved from the core to farm, staying in the core requires some commitment.

  • Know the fights / class / spec / role
  • Be appropriately geared & have appropriate numbers
  • Be reliable & communicate your availability

Character swaps also need to be approved by Leadership.
Official Alts need to go through a trial period & be approved by Cope or Kona

We are more than open to helping anyone improve numbers, improving gameplay, and knowledge of the game. What we cannot help with is ambition, that is you.

Loot Comments

We will start off by saying, Battle of Azeroth has been a trip for loot rules.

We all know its tempting to:

  • Usher a piece of gear to a friend on the down low
  • Hitting people up “Hey you need that piece you just got?”
  • “OMG that piece is 5 ilvls above my offspec gear” #rollseverything
  • “OMG I’ve won so many pieces” #WinningAllEveryoneLoses

Tier Specific Comments

  • These are good stats, but it has rank 3 (corruption). I’ll roll on it, and if I win I’ll cleanse it since the corruption is bad for me. Not my problem they didn’t win the 12% dps boost gear.

As a community we are asking you NOT do these things. Doing any of these creates drama, cliques, divides a raid, and alters morale.

Loot Rules

Person who receives the loot item has complete authority of whether they would like to keep an item. Whether it be for main or off-spec(s).
If the person decides they don’t want or need the item, it will go up for roll.

Roll Priority List

  1. Core Role
    • Main Character, Main-Role
    • Involuntary Alt Character (Leadership asking for your Official Alt)
  2. Official Core Off-Role
    • Official Off-Role designated in our Roster Spreadsheet
  3. Other
    • Initiate (2 week Trial Period)
    • Farm Group (See above)
    • Voluntary Official Alt
  4. Transmog (Looks neat, but the least of our priority for progress)

Any Loot Council decisions will be announced in the raid for the item offered up for roll. We will always be fair with this rule & will limit it to Weapons, Off-Hands, & Trinkets.
*Note* Our loot council activity has been minimal, happens about 3 times an expansion for progression purposes.

We are all adults, so please do not make us put you in a time out…